Curling wand on short natural hair- do you know how to clean it?

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Curling wand on short natural hair and flat irons even marcels whatever you are used- do you know how to clean it? At present many women use curling wand even present their hair like a model but lack of proper knowledge they don’t clean it and could not apply it the long time. A best quality Curling wand will give you scope to do a lot of hairstyles so in order to keep well even to rid them of residue and build up your iron just clean it regular basis. Especially this article is dedicated for which are user of curling wand and to inform them how to protect it after using.

Before trying to clean your wand just read those 5 questions.

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1. How many times should you clean your curling wand?

It totally depends on how often you use it. Many hair experts said if you use it frequently or when you use it after using just clean it. But another hair expert recommends cleans up your curling wand three or four times in a month.

2. Which things might you need to clean it?

You might need a small scrub brush, a cleaner and paper towel. The cleaner has a bit of smell this smell can transform to your hair if you avoid this you can use rubbing alcohol instead of cleaner. You may use the homemade cleaner to clean your Curling wand on short natural hair.

3. How can you make a homemade cleaner for cleaning wand?

It’s simple. Take a bowl and then put two part water after that just add one part baking soda and mix it properly. And finally, you will get like a commercial cleaner it will work well.

4. Which type of brush will need to clean the iron?

It may be your old toothbrush or you may buy a new one but basically, the unused toothbrush can be used in this process.

5. How many times may need to clean it?

It depends just on only your technique. Maximum time it takes time just 15 minutes.


How to clean it?

Cool down your curling wand:

Make sure that your hair iron is turned off or unplugged that means stay your wand cool otherwise it is not hot. The hot iron is not ideal for cleaning if you recently used it just try to keep it cool down. Which day you curled your hair it is best if you not clean it on this day otherwise it will burn your Curling wand on short natural hair. So cool down your wand and clean iron by applying proper method.

Put a little bit of cleaner or rubbing alcohol on a paper cloth:

Wet your paper cloth with the cleaner for breaking down the hairspray. Many women just apply simply water for cleaning Curling wand on short natural hair. But sometimes some residual may stay on the iron basically only using water curling iron can’t clean entirely. Rubbing alcohol or cleaner will better work for cleaning iron but someone prefers rubbing alcohol because cleaner has few small it may transform hair while curling.

Scrub iron with paper cloth:

After a long time using hairspray may stick on the wand by scrubbing try to take off all the hairspray. With the paper towel remove all spots until all spots will remove. Recently using hairspray easily can get off so try to clean your curling iron just after using it. While you are curled sometimes some hairspray might stay on the iron handle so then need to clean the iron handle. Though handle of the curling wand carries vents so doesn’t drop your iron handle into the water it can damage your wand. So carefully clean your iron handle.

Aging Scrub the barrel with a toothbrush:

After scrubbing the iron with paper cloth sometimes a little bit may stay on. Then you can take help with the toothbrush. Your old using toothbrush can apply at this time so just put a little bit cleaner on the toothbrush and rub it hairspray in the resisting area. If you have no cleaner you can apply the homemade cleaner. To do it just take a little amount of baking soda and water then mixed it. This mixer will better well like commercial cleaner and will clean your iron like new buying.

Wipe the curling wand with clean paper:

Now and then confirmed that all hairspray gets from the wand then try to wipe the curling wand with clean paper or napkin. For cleaning, if you use the commercial cleaner that includes (rubbing alcohol or cleaner) then you need wet the napkin with water and then wipe the left residue from the iron. But on the contrary, if you used homemade cleaner then you don’t need to wet your paper towel with water because the homemade cleaner is made of water.

Finally, dry off your curling wand:

Take a dry towel and try to dry off the iron and finally confirmed that no water left on the Curling wand on short natural hair. And keep your iron on a dry place and confirmed that your iron is totally dry. Don’t use it aging after just cleaning leave your iron for a few hours it will save you from the electronic hazard. So it’s best if you use it the next day after cleaning.


At present decade curling style is not finishing though other hairstyles are coming. Curling hair is easy to handle and simply you can do it. It can be your daily uses beauty product so it’s important to protect from damage. To keep your Curling wand on short natural hair better condition try to clean it with proper way. For Long-lasting performance must need to clean your iron. If you apply it with the right way and after that clean it properly then you will get the long lasting tool. Routine base you can clean it like every weekend you can take a step to clean it then you can manage your time.